Shanee Roe is an artist born in New York in 1996, recently described by Haaretz Newspaper as a “herald of the “New Israeli Expressionism”. In her new paintings and drawings created in cities far away such as Tel Aviv, Leipzig, Zeitz and Užice, Serbia, she continues her meticulous exploration of interpersonal situations and various modes of intimacy in changing urban and peripheral surroundings.

In her new works Roe further explores and expressively depicts power relations ranging from blunt sexuality to intense compassion as she captures and denotes modes of human intimacy from the mundane to the festive.

Text by Dr. Avi Feldman


Solo Exhibitions:


2021-"Offene Tür, geschlossener Raum" Wannsee Contemporary, Berlin 
2021-“Shanee Roe Paintings” Framed Gallery, Berlin

2020-“One Body, Somebodies” Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv

Selected group exhibitions:

2022- Online Curated Booth by Mirna Funk, Misa Art 

2021- "Ne/ag"Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem

2021- Art Auction, Weserhalle, Berlin, Curator: Nobert Bisky & Anna Meinecke

2021-"Kayfuyem" Erfurt Museum, Curater: Philipp Schreiner

2021-"Rear Window" Galerija reflektor, Užice, Serbia

2021-"Between Shelters"  Alte Nudel Fabrik, Zeitz
2021-“Stain on the Pillow” Duo exhibition Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv

2020-“Review” Kleindienst Gallery, Leipzig
2020-“Double Mixed” Kleindienst Gallery, Leipzig
2020-"Fleshlight" Galerie Die Schone, Vienna

2020-“Ein Klumpel oder zwei” duo exhibition, HGB Leipzig

2019-“Drifting- Shanee Roe” animation premier at Turku animation film festival, Finland

2019-Absurd” The Refrigerator art space, Tel Aviv

2017-"Not more beautiful than the fruit itself", Gabirol Gallery, Tel-Aviv

2014–“Notbook" Beit Ha'ir Gallery, Tel Aviv



2019-2022 Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Class of Christoph Ruckhäberle

2016-2018 Hakolel painting student of Ran Tenenbaum

2016-2018 Israel animation college 

Residency Programms:

2021-Galerija reflektor, Užice, Serbia

2021- Alte nudelfabrik, Zeitz, Germany